To do things differently we do not have to start from scratch. The constant motion and stream of routine obligations can be demanding. Yet the moments which inspire us and perhaps lead us onto a different path are always there for the taking. Not just during planned vacations and scheduled time-off, but rather in the brief moments in between.


Force Majeure – Series of disconnected interventions, staged arrangements and encountered alienations framed against the backdrop of the alps. Applying familiar representational motifs in addition to physical and digital interventions, the process of viewing is invited to shift onto the production as well as the subjective visual reception and perception of the individual image. A photographic study by David Avazzadeh.

The lake before sunrise.
A hidden path in the forest.
Halt a minute on top of the hill.

Perpetuity beyond the horizon.
Ceaseless emptiness in the ocean.
Drive on an empty morning road.

Turn off all devices.
Divide a bread roll.
Pause in the sounds surrounding you.

A minute before arriving.
In the emptiness of a hall.
Open books and magazines.

Snow on pine trees.
Tongues of flame.
Light a spark. Enlighten your day.